Guy Hermans:  Senior Consultant Forseti

In 2001 Guy started working for the research department of the Ministry of Transport of the Netherlands. He was involved in a broad range of topics all related to passenger transport. Amongst them such topics as accessibility, special transport service and the tendering of public transport. In 2005 he was asked to set up an expert center on accessible public transport and special transit service (such as demand responsive transport). This center was part of the Dutch Traffic and Transport Knowledge Centre. For almost ten years he worked there, providing advice to municipalities, provinces and national government. At Forseti, Guy helps mainly public organisations in the formation and realization of their special transport policies, he also helps them with the European Tendering Procedures and with their contract management.  Combining route-data-analyses with first hand experience of users to find the best solutions to mobility challenges is the approach he likes best.


Ann Graham:  Chief Executive National Transport Authority

Anne Graham was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Transport Authority in 2015.  Ms Graham, who previously served as Director of Public Transport Services with the Authority, is a Chartered Engineer and holds an MBA from DCU.  She has worked with the Dublin Local Authorities as a Civil Engineer, as Project Manager on many projects and as an Area Manager in the South West area of Dublin City, bringing local authority services closer to consumers in four local offices.



Oddette Buntinx:  De Lijn, Belgium

Since 2010, Odette Buntinx has been responsible for the technology elements of the Belbus (DRT) system of De Lijn, the Flemish public transport company, where she has worked since 1990. She is currently overseeing the development of a new and integrated software system, which includes planning, reservations, operations, monitoring and post-processing functionality, to replace the Ring software system that has been used by Belbus for the past two decades.  Ms Buntinx is also involved in researching future opportunities for small local demand-driven systems in and outside the public transport market.

Ms. Buntinx has a long involvement in DRT for De Lijn, including implementing early DRT operations in low density areas where they were an essential element of the public transport network. She was actively  involved in the development of more than 30 DRT systems. She participated in the major European projects (SAMPO, SAMPLUS, etc.) focused on DRT, which led to the introduction of the Ring software system by De Lijn.

For several years, she was in charge of school transportation services for De Lijn, with responsibilities that included putting contracts out to tender, managing contracts, budgetary management, and strategic policy input. Prior to that Ms. Buntinx was in charge of the Marketing Department at De Lijn Limburg, where she was responsible for market research, development of concepts of transportation tailored to the local mobility market, external communication, promotion, maintaining relations with local authorities, and management of mobility contracts.


Finn Kock Sørensen:   Senior Consultant, FlexDanmark Produktudvikling

Mr Sørensen has a Master of Science in Public Administration and a Master in Management of Technology, MMT - Executive MBA.  He has 13 years of experience in the field of flexible transit, in every part of the Danish DRT-supply chain

He is currently project leader of the nationwide Danish Multi-Modal and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project, "The Connected Journey".  This project, connects rural areas covered by DRT with timetable traffic in a seamless flow. The project is public launched in part of Denmark in May 2017

Mr Sørensen has expertise in relations between the different parts of the DRT-supply chain, optimization and change management regarding the real-time monitoring processes.

Earlier experiences include:

  • Former Chief of FlexDanmark business processes and business systems
  • Former Chief of FlexDanmark call center, Traffic monitoring unit
  • Former Ghostwriter for member of Danish Parliament



Tom Cullen:   Director - The Society of Irish Motor Industry

Mr. Cullen is a Director at SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry); the official voice of the motor industry in Ireland.  SIMI is a member's organisation, which consists of Dealers, Repairers, Vehicle Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Vehicle Testers and many more important operators within the industry in Ireland.  The organisation's role is to represent the views of the motor industry by campaigning to the Government, state bodies, the media and the motoring public.



Brendan Finn:  Independent Transport Consultant

Brendan Finn is an expert in urban public transport. He began his career at Dublin’s public bus company, in a variety of roles spanning traffic engineering, operations and depot management and implementing ITS and other new technologies. Since 1993 he has been an international consultant, working in Europe, CIS, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Among other things, he has been active in BRT and other forms of bus transit, including both the institutional/management arrangements and operator transformation. He is currently advising cities in India, Vietnam and Sri Lanka on development and restructuring of the urban bus services and their institutions.

ETTS Ltd. is an independent transport consultancy based in Ireland. It specializes in advising on organisation, management and operation of public transport, with particular emphasis on urban bus systems.