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iRoUTE Conference Kilkenny 2017

On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June 2017, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership will host a significant two-day transport conference in The Parade Tower, Kilkenny Castle. iRoUTE, is aimed at promoting and achieving sustainable and ‘best in class’ transport systems for the Kilkenny region, and will provide a platform where the integration in transport provision for Kilkenny County can be explored.

Over the two days, it’s expected that transport providers, regulators, international experts, practitioners, academics, and community interest groups will attend and join the conversation around the improvement of transport planning and co-ordination in Kilkenny, particularly in rural areas.

The project will also highlight what has been done in other countries to improve the quality of transport systems through the integration of public transport services.

An important target for the conference will be around the current drive to reduce fossil fuel consumption and a decrease in transport emissions increasing the usage of public transport. It is also hoped that a reduction in car congestion in Kilkenny can be achieved due to an increase in public transport usage, and this would improve the air quality in the Kilkenny urban area which is currently regarded as poor by the EPA.

The overall objective of iRoUTE, is to explore the best transport options to service the needs of residents of Kilkenny and visitors alike. It is also hoped that from the conference, a clear strategy around the integration of transport will be developed and this will be used to kick-off a campaign to find the resources needed to initiate a pilot service that could be rolled out nationally.

For more information on iRoUTE, as well as details on where you can purchase tickets, please contact Kilkenny Leader Partnership:  Fergus Horgan: Email: Tel: 056 7752111.

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